from Dresden to Prague

Discover architectural jewels, towns of baroque and Middle Ages, world-famous buildings and imposing art and cultural metropolises. Canaletto-Town Pirna, silk flower town  Sebnitz, Bohemian Decin, baroque town  Dresden, golden Prague, porcelain and wine town  Meissen
Tip! Panometer Dresden shows baroque Dresden in 1756 on 360 °-gigantic panorama. Don’t miss the calling of the nightwatch at sunset!
Tip! Dresden is approx. 45 minutes from the hotel. Accessible on the B172 / A17, the Elbe cycle path or with the city railroad in 30-minutes tact or by steamboat.

Porcelain and wine town Meissen

Porcelain and wine - two darlings of Saxony’s elector August the Strong - help the city of Meissen to worldwide fame.
Situated north-west from Saxony’s capital Dresden, Meissen belongs to the most northern wine growing region of Germany in the middle of the heart of the Saxon Wine-street. The smallest wine-growing region of Germany produces high-quality wines. The town is known by the first European porcelain manufacture and its typical “blue swords”. The manufacture received the cultural price Europe in 2008. With its show workshop and museum it is a true tourist magnet. Over and over sight of the cathedral of the Albrecht's castle appear between the houses. Today this presents a museum with impressive interior decoration and a wall picture of the 19th century which shows events from the history of Saxony, the Wettiner and the Albrecht's castle. The Albrecht's castle is the cradle of Saxony.
Meissen Wine Festival, an Event-highlight, invites you to a glass of great wine in the old bars and restaurants. Music, acrobatics, good mood, dance make a marvellous spectacle in the streets of the town. Already known? The castle Proschwitz situated on the north of Meissen - "Prince zur Lippe" - is the biggest vineyard in Saxony and is a member of the German ecclesiastic vineyards.
Tip! In the tower of the Church of Our Lady listen to the daily sounds of a porcelain carillon (the first one of the world) from 37 white bells of porcelain.
Tip! Meissen is situated a little bit more than 1 hour from the hotel. Accessible on the B172 / A 17 and best of all with the city railroad directly from Schmilka to Meissen in well one hour.
Tip! Be at the city hall in every hour and observe how the lions hit their paws against the pear tree!
Tip! Pirna is approx. 25 minutes from the hotel by car. Accessible on the B172, the Elbe cycle track, by steamboat or with the city railroad in 30-minutes tact.
Tip! Find out by original old-timer motorcycle the two-wheel romantic of old times. Lending possibility in the railway station Sebnitz.
Tip! Explore the unique Saxon-Bohemian Semmering-railroad comfortably from Bad Schandau to Sebnitz with 7 tunnels (983 m total length), more than 2 viaducts around Sebnitz and more than a total of 28 big and 41 small bridges. A distance like this hardly gives a better railway adventure!
Tip! Sebnitz is approx. 20 minutes from the hotel. Accessible over “Hohe Strasse” through Altendorf or with the ferry from Schmilka to Bad Schandau and further with the Semmering-railroad  to Sebnitz.
Tip! Decin is only 10 min. from the hotel. Accessible from Schmilka through Hrensko (Herrnkretschen), with the city railroad or the Elbe cycle track in only 13 km.

Golden Prague

Prague counts to the most popular metropolises of Europe. If it depends on the extraordinary cultural heritage, on the world-famous Charles Bridge, the baroque Old Town and it’s atmosphere borrowed from the Vltava river… we don’t know! But, you could make your own impression! Confused by the language you will recognize how awesome is the city that never sleeps and magnetizes guests from every different nation. Discover the narrow streets, magnificent churches and the wonderwork of the clock of the city hall that shows the 12 apostoles in every hour.
Tip! One-day-journey 3x a week directly from the hotel! Price: 23 € per person, incl. tourguide.
Tip! Prague is approx. 1.5 hrs from the hotel by car.