Tuscany Therme

Complete relaxation and heavenly pleasant sensation attain them with the floating in the sole water with Liquid sound and special colour installations and light installations.

Relax completely and feel yourself in heaven

In 5 minutes you reach the Tuskany World in Bad Schandau. Ask at the reception for hotel shuttle or go by bike - it’s only 4 km’s on! Tuskany Therm is not only a place for baths but it offers a wonderful bath-landscape with inside and outside swimming pool, jacuzzi, warm baths, child bath and a rest area. Massage jets are integrated in every bath. The unique liquid-sound-room with sole-containing basin allows you to dip into another world. Surrounded by manifold colors, lights and sounds over and under water make an unexpected experience for mind and body.
Tip! From 5 overnights you receive an all-day entry in Tuscany Therm Bad Schandau for free (from November to March).

Tip! Connect your sauna-stay with a massage