Welcome to the house of joy of life with 100% organic-guarantee!

As a certified member of the bio-hotels we emphasize healthy life style

This means above all our fresh and healthy bio-vital cousine, because healthy food is the base for the right well-being. A plenty of the ingredients in our dishes and drinks come from self-possessed biological cultivation. Moreover, we cover the rest from the region. This saves routes of transport and protects the environment. In addition, it also promotes the regional organic farming.

Our bio-idea does not only mean the food

Bio means to think comprehensively. Hence, our rooms are aimed to a healthy living: the furniture and equipments are from natural materials and we have electronic smog reduced rooms. In addition, the location allows a healthy enter in pure nature. The location on the shore of the Elbe and the beautiful park invites you to a calm relax. Additionally our hotel is located directly in the National Park of Saxon- and Bohemian Switzerland, therefore we take respect to nature in our extensive offers and - for example - support public transportation.

Our aim is to indicate the right way to a healthy life-style with our offers

This means relaxing with a massage or being active in the nature. With the help of modern methods of natural healings we would like to vitalize your body and stimulate it to self-healing to avoid serious illnesses. Always remember: feeling fine will strengthen your immune-system!

We understand the Organic Idea as a sustainable system and that’s why we do it with love

You stay in the middle. Your wishes are our command and your satisfaction is our aim. Organic does not mean to give anything up or make compromises. Organic means to enjoy sustainably in line with environment, with fellows and with the own body. The aim is to have pleasure in life, to be happy and feel yourself fine.

Respecting our guests and the environment we act as follows

  • Supply of organic season-food from the region
  • Management of own herbs and vegetable garden
  • Revitalized water of Johann Grander
  • Use of bio-degradable cleaning and detergents
  • Reduction of the detergent amounts
  • Use certified organic electricity
  • Respectful cooperations
  • Selective waste collection
  • Reduction of CO² emission by support of public transportation in our offers
  • Offers in the national park that’s aim is to indicate the sustainable use of the nature
  • All of our constructions are planned on an organic base

We are a healthy company

Taking over organic makes us committed to develop ourselves.We would not like to rest on the achievements, but want to position ourselves over and over again to new requirements. The bio-takeover was merely the consistent starting signal for a steady quality increase. Our goal is to give everything to provide you a perfect holiday. All we ask for our strenuousnessis fairness, respect and appreciation. We are glad to see you in the neat future!

Your Team from Bio- & National park Hotel Helvetia in Schmilka