Themselves drop who forget time and do to the body something good

Select from our varied massage offers the suitable for you. Search relaxation for the muscles, we hold ready activation of the blood circulation or a stroke for the soul for every claim an offer. If the choice is difficult, you can consult with our remedial practical healer. He tests kinesiological what is good for you.

Massage offers

Saxon Helvetia (Classical massage)

Saxon Helvetia is the classical massage of our house. As a comprehensive body treatment of muscles, tendons, tapes, capsules, skin it is one of the oldest remedies. Our wholesome massage caressing the soul. It is extremely relaxing and diminishes stress hormones. Energy can flow again from head to foot and increase senses. (Incl. aromatic oil)

Tip! Part massage approx. 25 min. of price: 28.00 EUR, Full massage approx. 50 min. of price: 50.00 EUR

Aroma massage

Ethereal oils are massaged softly into the skin. Oils work on your body and mind. Depending on the type of oil it could be relaxing or stimulating. We use home-made herbal oils also. You may let our therapist testing the perfect odor to bring your body-mind-soul into balance.

Tip! Part massage approx. 25 min. of price: 30.00 EUR, Full massage approx. 50 min. of price: 50.00 EUR

Anti-stress massage

Slow rhythmical movements have a deep relaxing effect on the nervous system, diminish stress and transfer the body into a miraculous rest state.

Tip! Full massage 50 min. of price: 48.00 EUR

Sports massage

Make your feet ready for a mountain hike or wake them after a strenuous tour. Sport massage is a balm for muscles and joints before and after any kind of activities.

Tip! Massage approx. 25 min. of price: 28.00 EUR

Foot reflex zone massage

The feet are reflecting the topography of the body. Organs or parts of the body are represented as reflex zones. Because there is also an interaction of organs and emotions, therapist can achieve with this massage physical and mental well-being.

Tip! Massage approx. 30 min. of price: 33.00 EUR

Good night massage

By relaxing music you enjoy a lavender footbath and a cup of lavender-bio-milk with honey.
Afterwards you will be spoilt by sensitive therapeutic hands with a spikenard massage. A deep internal rest appears and a wholesome night is guaranteed.


Tip! Full massage approx. 55 min. of price: 59.00 EUR

Belly-depth massage

This massage promotes the blood circulation and supports therefore decontamination and purification processes in the body. An excellent stimulation of your digestion. This massage is also an important component of our Metabolic balance of program.

Tip! Massage approx. 25 min. of price: 25.00 EUR

Glacier massagec

A head-napes-arm-massage from which you get flesh creeps. Be surprised!

Tip! Massage approx. 25 min., price: 28.00 euros

Herbal stamp massage with domestic herbs from our own garden

Our speciality! Stamps from textile are filled with herbs from our own garden and are dipped in warm oil.
By different massage movements, short knock massage with slow, sliding movements, frictions and circling will unfold the herbs on the skin. Cell regeneration is stimulated.

Originally this type of massage comes from East-Asia where exotic herbs were used. We use herbs from our own garden with the idea that everyone belongs to the herbs that grow next to him. Choose your favorite herb and enjoy an aromatic bio-herb tea afterwards.

Tip! Part massage approx. 90 min. of price: 96.00 EUR, Full massage approx. 120 min. of price: 121.00 EUR

Breuss massage

The Breuss method is a sensitive, energetic manual back massage which solves softly mental and physical bracings. With the use hypericum oil spinal column is strength.

Tip! Full massage approx. 45 min. of price: 50.00 EUR

Chi massage

With the traditional Chi massage the body is moved rhythmically into oscillation, so that life energy - Chi - can freely flow again. This massage is great for headaches, back problems, bracings in the nape and in the backbone.

Tip! Massage approx. 10 min. of price: 15.00 EUR

Garshan-silk glove massage

This massage works in line with Ayurveda. The silk glove massage is a Lymph stimulative whole body massage. It cleans the skin and supplies it with important nutrients. Hence, it is recommended for cellulite and dry skin.

Tip! Part massage approx. 25 min. of price: 33.00 EUR, Full massage approx. 45 min. of price: 55.00 EUR

Hot Stone massage (with stones from the Elbe sandstone mountains)

Hot basalt stones from the region around Stolpen (Saxon Switzerland) glide softly over your body. The warmth, besides, ingrains deeply into your body by which tenses will be relaxed and stimulate blood circulation.

Hinweis! Teilmassage ca. 30 Min. Preis: 32,00 €, Vollmassage ca. 55 Min. Preis: 55,00 €