Electric smog reduction

On a whole floor we reduced electronic smog for you! Beside, four of our rooms electronic smog-free

What is electric smog ?

Electronic smog or invisible "smog" is created by the electricity that powers our civilization, for example mobile phones, wireless networks (WLAN), televisions and also cordless phones. These devices and waves show a sort of environmental pollution that is called electronic smog.

How does electronic smog affect humans ?

The electric waves disturb our well-being. Some call this biological effect on the body “electric stress”. Because of the even more frequent use of electric devices the rate of radiation is increasing steadily and, therefore, even more and more people have sensitive reaction to electronic smog.

This, though, does not cause immediately an illness but constant electric stress might bring a fertile soil for illnesses.

Frequent sensitiv disorders

  • Sleeping disorders
  • nervousness
  • irritability
  • migraine
  • headaches
  • indigestion
  • impairment of the immune system
  • and beyond.

What are electronic smog reduced / electronic smog free rooms?

In the Hotel Helvetia we dispose of four organic and electronic smog free rooms and on the whole first floor electronic smog is reduced. These rooms show especially low negative affects on your health-system and serves to deep and healthy sleep.

We installed demand switches to terminate the electricity in the local net of the room. Should you turn a device on, electricity flows through the net again. Additionally, the organic rooms are protected with graphite pads inserted into the wall to give even better shelter against electronic waves.

Television and phone in electronic smog reduced / electronic smog free rooms?

In the electronic smog free organic comfort rooms there is no television. The electronic smog reduced rooms dispose - like all the other guest-rooms - of a television and a phone. Because of the demand switch televisions and telephones cause no electronic smog, though TV must be turned off (not standby!). We also recommend to turn off your cell phone during the night.

Why electronic smog reduced / electronic smog free rooms?

As a bio-hotel we place the highest value of your health and your well-being. On your holiday this regards partly to your restful sleep. As electronic smog in the sleeping area can cause permanent stress, we would like to avoid you from this. If your health is important to you, you are just right in our house!

Is the reduction proven?

Yes. We measured the amount of electronic smog before and after the application of the demand switch with the company “ÖKOWELL”. The results are shown in the notice board of every room.

Not only the room itself plays a role in the success. Next-door rooms, neighboring houses and units have a significant influence also. The perfect location of our Hotel - sufficient distance to other houses in a very quite area - leads to an especially good result that is hardly to repeat in Germany.

Why only one floor?

We plan to reduce electronic smog in other areas in the near future but even until than you don’t have to fear of overflood electronic smog. The first floor is our first, but not last effort.

In other rooms we installed the same telephones and we also suggest to switch off the television and your mobile phone during the night as our in our whole Hotel we pay attention to electronic smog.

Do you have any other questions?

Our employees will answer them! More information on the topic on the homepage of ÖKOWELL: