Combined therapies

Dorn Breuss therapy

Dorn therapy and the Breuss massage have particularly proven that they are a very good complementary to each other.

Dorn therapy

Motion problems, bad gait - it might all depend on our ridge with effect on our body and feelings. In this therapy therapist tries to handle all these problems of whirls and joints through sensitive and intuitive massage.

Breuss massage

The Breuss method is a sensitive, energetic manual back massage which solves softly mental and physical bracings. With the use hypericum oil spinal column is strength.

Tip! Duration approx. 95 min. Price: 95 EUR

Dorn Breuss therapy + Chi massage

The Dorn-Breuss therapy is complemented (see above) very well with the Chi massage.

Chi massage

With the traditional Chi massage the body is moved rhythmically into oscillation, so that life energy - Chi - can freely flow again. This massage is great for headaches, back problems, bracings in the nape and in the backbone.

Tip! Duration approx. 110 min. Price: 104 EUR

Back massage + foot reflex therapy

After tracing the bracings in the back and relaxing it the therapist stimulates the effected points through foot reflex zones.

Tip! Duration: approx. 55 min. Price: 51.00 EUR

Herbal footbath + foot and calf massage

Domestic herbs from our own garden offer rest for the whole body. Tuned on your emotional state you become a cup of herbal tea and a herbal footbath. A stimulating foot and calf massage with oils from herbs follows.

Tip! Duration: approx. 50 min. Price: 40.00 EUR

Aroma massage + colour-light therapy

The combination of aroma massage with color-light therapy strengthens the senses of your body. While the therapist is doing the massage you can realize the positive effect of different lights.

Aroma massage

Ethereal oils are massaged softly into the skin. Oils work on your body and mind. Depending on the type of oil it could be relaxing or stimulating. We use home-made herbal oils also. You may let our therapist testing the perfect odor to bring your body-mind-soul into balance.

Colour light therapy

Colors are the elements which our body, mind and soul absorbs easily. Different colors and lights have different effect on our mind. Color light therapy is a stimulation for a better balance in our life-cycle system. To reach best impact use it in combination with massages.

Tip! Full massage approx. 50 min. Price: 55 EUR