Discover the element water in a different way! A beautiful bath - sounds simple with great impression! According to your aim we help to select the perfect ingredients. Float alone or with your partner in our panoramic tub filled with revitalized Grander-water.

Our bath is in the natural healing practice, in the upper floor of our hotel. Lay back in the warm and natural ambience and enjoy the panorama of the landscape or the stars above you!

Try our baths to relax, for your health or your feet.

Honey & milk - romantic bath for coupels

A bath for couples to guide to Romantis again. Enjoy the wholesome warmth of water surrounded by candles. You might even discover a shooting star! And what should you expect?

  • Bath for 2 people in the panoramic tub with view to the Elbe
  • Bath products: mare's milk and honey
  • Revitalized water of Johann Grander
  • 1 glass of „tingling Mario“ (fruity bio-wine) each
  • Surprise plate with ingenious delicacies
  • Honey peeling

Tip! Duration approx. 1.5 hours Our price: 68 EUR for 2 people

Spoil Bath

  1. Rose bath
  2. Lavender bath
  3. Apple bath

Other bath products if requested. Please share your wish which aroma you prefer.

Tip! Prices: 25 EUR per person, 45 EUR for 2 people

Health baths

  • Sole bath
  • Basis bath
  • Hay bath
  • Beer bath
  • Herbal bath
  • Grape core bath
  • Milk bath
  • Mare's milk bath

Tip! Prices: 35 EUR per person, 50 EUR for 2 people


Baobab footbath

Baobab is also called the life tree of Africa

There are many stories and traditions surrounding the baobab. The most prevalent is that the tree was lording it over lesser plants and so offended God, who uprooted it and planted it again upsidedown to stop it boasting. It remains in leaf for only a very short time each year and if you look at its branches bare of leaves, its easy to see how the legend grew.

Baobab is an all-round tree which is used a lot in organic cosmetics. Baobab leafs have anti-fungus and anti-inflammation effect. This is completed by detoxifying desert-salt.

Tip! Price: 20 EUR per person

Other footbaths

  1. Herbal footbath
  2. Aromatic footbath
  3. Sole footbath
  4. Basis footbath

Tip! While you have a rest, enjoy aromatic bio-herb tea. Duration of the baths according to treatment. Price: 15 EUR per person